• Top 5 Methods If AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone

    AOL Mail is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications which is often shorted to AIM Mail, or AOL Instant Messenger. AOL mail is web-based email service offered by the AOL organization. Now it is the subsidiary of the Verizon communication. It allows users to get in touch with families and friends by sending or receiving email and another type of media. This email client is compatible with almost every supported device. Whether it’s desktop or smartphones, AOL mail is also compilable with the Apple iPhone. You can easily create your email account and use it without any hassle. In case you need help and guidance regarding AOL email service, you can dial AOL support number.

    However, many users confront the issue of not working with the iPhone. The issues occur in various type of iPhone models. Well, here in this blog we will describe the 5 simple solutions to get rid of this issue.

    Turn on Airplane Mode and Off

    If your AOL mail is not working properly, the prime task is to figure out the causes on your side. As AOL is internet-based email service, possibly internet connection can create fuse for you. Follow the below steps to check the internet connection:

    Turn on and off the Airplane mode in your iPhone. Navigate to the control panel and swipe to the Airplane mode and tap on it to turn it off. Now wait for a few minutes and again tap on it to turn on.

    Now check the internet connection and try to use AOL mail.

    Reset Network Settings if You Are Not Receiving Emails on iPhone

    • Browse to the Settings and Tap on General. Now search the Reset option.
    • Now go to Reset Network Settings and tap on it.

    Remove the Account and Log in Again

    If you are confronting the "AOL Mail not sending on iPhone" or "AOL mail not receiving emails" issue, try to remove the account and add it again.

    Use AOL App Rather than Mail App on iPhone

    If the issues are stands still, maybe the server is creating the error. Try to use AOL application instead of the iPhone mobile app.

    Contact the Customer support for Help

    In the end, if above all solution fails to resolve "AOL mail not currently available" try to contact AOL customer service number for instant help and support.

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